“quality in abundance”

"quality in abundance"

Who We Are And What We DO

We are a team of local HVAC/Refrigeration professionals dedicated to servicing our city and surrounding areas. #VEGASSTRONG.


Get an estimate on what you need done for your A/C unit or for your heating needs.

Air Conditioning

Install new units or repairing your current unit will ensure your house is cool in the Summer.


Making sure your house is heated properly (and safely) for when the Winter comes.

What services do you actually need?

Repairs? Installation?

A lot of the time homeowners don’t actually know what service they need, only that something isn’t working right with their A/C Unit, whether it isn’t keep your house as cool as it used to, or perhaps your heater isn’t working. Getting an estimate from us will tell you exactly what you need done, what you don’t need, and how much it will cost. No hidden fees or anything like that.

Repair Costs with Regular Maintenance
New Install
Repair Costs without Regular Maintenance

Just like your car, with regular maintenance it will run much better, with less problems, for a lot longer, saving you money. The same with your home’s A/C and heating.


We specialize in all types of residential set-ups, whether it is on your roof, or on the ground. Regardless of where everything is and what needs to be done, it will get done right. Ask us about our 0% financing option as well.

  • Roof
  • Ground Level
  • Walls


We don’t just do residential projects, but we also do commercial ones as well. If you need repairs, or a brand new install for your business, make sure to contact us to get an estimate.


Proper A/C and heating for restaurants is very important for your customers. If yours isn't working right, call us.


We can do custom jobs for commercial projects. Let us plan and install yours the right way the first time.‚Äč

we can do it

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Why us

  • Individual Services and Offers
  • We Believe in Quality over Quantity
  • Great Customer Service
"...Abundant Air did a fantastic job. Our new A/C unit was installed and running quickly and the price was perfect...."
Jason Strive